The Grand Chapter of Texas Order of The Eastern Star is a fraternal organization composed of women with Masonic affiliation and Master Masons.

Saturday, July 31, 2021
Worthy Grand Matron
Worthy Grand Patron

Worthy Grand Matron
Mrs. Linda Winn-Christenson

Worthy Grand Patron
Mr. Paul Garner

The following Vision Statement was developed by the elected Grand Line Officers of Texas:

The Grand Chapter of Texas Order of The Eastern Star is a fraternal organization composed of women with Masonic affiliation and Master Masons. Our members share a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being and promotion of the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

Important Message To Membership from
Most Worthy Grand Marton concerning Coronavirus
Letters of Instruction from Worthy Grand Marton

138th Session in Waco August 12-14 2021

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Worthy Grand Matrons March Worthy Grand Patrons March
Theme: Believe, Understand, Give and Serve:
Believe in yourself and God's love. Understand God made us all unique. Give from your heart to all those in need, Serve the Lord Daily.
Aim: To never forget every member is an equally valued part of our Order. The most senior members hold our history and traditions, Within the newest member lies our future.
Watch Words: COURTESY - that action which separates humans from other animals
CONSIDERATION- of others cost little and returns much.
RESPECT-something we cannot command, we must earn respect by showing respect for others and ourselves.
Colors: Grey, Black & Silver
To me these colors symbolize life. We are all faced many times with gray skies and black clouds of distress. I believe if we have faith and trust in God, we will find life is like a mirror, the dark side is overshadowed by the shinning silver side reflecting God's Love
Emblems: A Lady Bug
Lady Bug is my personal emblem, a name given to me as a child by my maternal grandmother. She explained, Ladybugs are guardian angels of the garden, as we cared for her beautiful garden. I believe we should all be guardian angels here on earth by caring for God's garden of life.
The Cross
I selected the cross for the Believers, as it is a universal symbol of belief to Christians.
I chose white as the color for each flower as whiter flowers are usually the most fragrant and because I love the purity and understated elegance of white flowers. ORCHIDS, because like people, God made them in many varieties which grow and bloom all over the world. ROSES in honor of my paternal grandmother, Rose, for whom I was named..

Exodus 15:2; Isaiah 41:10
Proverbs 3:5-6; Mark 11:24;

Psalm 91:11; Revelations 5:11-13; Psalm 28:7

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