Bids will be received from October 1st through October 31st , 2016.
Please send all sealed Bids to:
Board of Directors
(Sealed Bid)
8101 Valcasi Drive, Suite 101
Arlington, Texas 76001
Should NO bids be received the property will be disposed of in accordance with the best judgement of the Board of Directors.
If bids are received which are within the reasonable range of value, the items will be sold to the highest bidder.
A date, time and location of the remaining items for sale will be posted at a later date.

Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Item 7
(2) Tables (potential marble top) 1 good table; 1 has broken leg Possible kneelers Wooden drawer storage from printing shop?? Wooden storage from print shop? Brown wooden chair with floral cushion Brown spindle back chair
Item 8 Item 9 Item 10 Item 11 Item 12 Item 13
Brown Chair with needle point cushion and foot stool (Ann Freiking name on foot stool) Brown chair with spindle back and red cushions Brown chair with solid back and red cushion Black with gray striped arm chair Brown chair with black needlepoint cushion Black wooden arm chair
Item 14 Item15 Item 16 Item 17 Item 18
(2) Brown wooden cane bottom captain chairs Striped cushioned chair (2) black metal shelves is a 5 large mirror 2) sewing chairs
Item 19 Item 20 Item 21
(2) Metal stakes planted in honor of Doris Efird,PGM Large China Hutch (Dishes not Included) 4 Long buffet
Item 22 Item 23 Item 24 Item 25 Item 26
Striped cloth wooden rocker Pink wooden rolling chair Communion Table name plate: PGP Gerald and Nancy Allen PGM Wicker bottom wooden chair (2) Decorative coffee tables with fold out ends (1 is good; 1 has broken leg)
Item 27 Item 28 Item 29 Item 30
Telephone table Painting of Jesus knocking at the door (P. Collins, Nov. 1949) (2) marble top wooden tables Marble top claw footed wooden table
Item 31 Item 32 Item 33 Item 34 Item 35
6 wooden table with 6 padded chairs Assorted Silverware; some have OES engraving on handle HEAVY marble bowl and metal stand 2 sided desk stationery holder sits in center of table (accessible from both sides) Marble table lamp
Item 36 Item 37 Item 38 Item 39 Item 40
5 Wooden buffet Ornate wooden cabinet ( top is locked) Marble (HEAVY) Lady lamp with shade White wicker table and chair 4 drawer legal size filing cabinet
Item 41 Item 42 Item 43 Item 44
Cookbook Holder Silver ladle, candy dish and lid Certificates received by Darl DeLeon Beasley Gate marker presented in honor of Laura B Hart, 1855-1936; Dr. Alfred McDaniel, 1866-1944; and Frank Lynn 1875-1951 by Lalla Mae Vollus, WGM and Norman Read, WGP 1945-1946 for their faithful service.
Item 45 Item 46 Item 47 Item 48
Old serving table with pictures Large painted picture of vases and flowers by A.M. Walker 2x3 Hanging Mirror Painting of bluebonnets and church by Beatrix Reynolds Haggard
Metal storage drawers This is a photo of the 3 x 5
Photos of the Metal storage drawers